Cost of Living


As Maynooth is the only university located in a town rather than a city, we estimate the cost of living to be less expensive here, so we would advise students that cost of living including accommodation, books, entertainment, food, bills, etc. should be between €7,000 -8,000 per year. Your living costs depend largely on your lifestyle also, but below you can find a break down of expected costs. 













€500 deposit start of year, bills deducted from this amount. Remainder refunded at end of year.





Mobile phone credit










Once off expense




Taxi from airport


Re-entry Visa (for students requiring visas)

€60 (single entry)

€100 (multiple)

Medical Insurance

€122 (1 year)

Mobile phone


(top up of €20 a month required to receive free texts/calls)





Cost of some general items:

Cinema ticket: €9.75 (student)

Single fare on the train: Maynooth-Dublin €4

Single fare on the bus: Maynooth-Dublin €2.80

Average price of a sandwich in a cafe: €4.95

Average price of a coffee in a cafe: €2.20


Food items:

Milk  1L     € 1.19

Loaf of bread    € 1.64

Butter (500 g)    € 1.46

Sugar (1 kg)        € 1.99

Coffee (200 g)   € 3.99

Tea (160 bags)   € 6.19

Coca Cola (2 litres) € 2.09

Big Mac Meal     € 6.30



The following supermarkets/grocery stores are located in Maynooth: Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Supervalu. 

Tesco is open 24hours and is a large store with electrical items, clothing, homeware, stationary, aswell as groceries. Dunnes Stores and Lidl are located right beside the North campus, just a two minute walk from on-campus accommodation. You will find homeware clothing in Dunnes also. Supermarkets have "own brand" food, e.g. St Bernard’s in Dunnes. These are cheaper than regular brands and are usually of good quality. Shops such as Aldi and Lidl offer cheaper goods then the other supermarkets. 



If you will be living on-campus, the apartments are fully furnished including all kitchen utensils; you only need to supply your own bed linen and towels.

If you will be living in a house with other people, you will need to factor in bed clothes and linen, towels, cleaning products etc.




The Doctor on campus is free of charge.

Internet access in the on-campus apartments is free.

The gym on-campus is free.

Many shops in Maynooth and Dublin offer student discounts, from 10% - 30%, with proof of a valid student card.

You can get a student travelcard to avail of discounted rates on bus and train travel.